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‘Don’t get me started on DRS,’ Chappelli’s had it after Warner dismissal

David Warner has been in a form slump this Ashes series but his dismissal in the first innings at The Oval has caused controversy with the UltraEdge technology dividing cricket experts.

“As soon as I saw the first couple of replays I thought, ‘He hasn’t hit that’ because there seemed to be quite a margin between ball and bat,” stated Australian cricket legend and former Test captain Ian Chappell.

With Warner given out, overturning the decision from the on-field umpire Chappell questions the source of the noise picked up by the technology stating that spikes in the shoes of batter of wicket-keeper could be a source as well as creaks in the bat itself.

“Where are these noises coming from? They could be coming from a range of sources,

“The ICC said two things to us… it’s to get rid of the howler, and to get the correct decision”

Chappell argues that the DRS has been misused from what the ICC had initially intended it for.

“It hasn’t fulfilled the purpose of getting rid of howlers because it’s basically used most times for 50-50 decisions.”

Image: Ryan Pierse / Staff via Getty Images

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