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WATCH: Jimmy Bartel rips into AFL after score review farce

Levy, Riddell & Bartel

Geelong legend Jimmy Bartel is at a loss to explain why the AFL’s score review system failed again on the weekend.

In a statement released on Sunday, the AFL said Michael Walters’ goal – which was given the all clear on Saturday  – should have been chalked off after replays showed it was touched by Collingwood’s Chris Mayne.

They admitted ‘technical reasons’ meant the camera angle in question was available to TV viewers but not the score review official.

Bartel said it was bemusing fans watching both at the ground and on TV were able to see the defining camera angle but it was unavailable to use in the score review.

“It should be the most simple and routine exercise,” he told Macquarie Sports Radio.

“You’re a billion dollar business and a six-year-old sitting at home can see it was touched.

“What’s going on, it’s not that hard.

“This is where I get frustrated, the AFL say ‘we review every goal while the ball is going back to the middle’, no you don’t.

“Don’t tell lies.”

Bartel said it was imperative the league ensured the controversial system was foolproof moving forward.

“If you’re going back to (score review) technology, you can’t half arse it,” he said.

“(Chris Mayne) was standing there saying it smashed my hand but you can’t show one half of the footage and everyone at the ground gets to see the footage.

“People were sitting there at the ground and saw it was touched but then the AFL said they didn’t have the footage available to us.

“Are you kidding.”

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Levy, Riddell & Bartel