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Drew Mitchell on Folau’s potential Sevens switch: “It would have to be a commitment not just for the Olympics”

Israel Folau has expressed interest in playing Rugby Sevens for Australia at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but it would have to be a bigger commitment than just the one tournament according to one of his ex-teammates.

Speaking on Macquarie Sports Radio, former Wallaby Drew Mitchell said, “The lure of the Olympics is a big one. I don’t think too many Rugby players would say straight up no – except maybe a few front rowers.

“I think for Israel he would have to stand down from Super Rugby next year for a period of time and get on the Sevens circuit, those guys are just different athletes to fifteen a side Rugby players.”

He also said Folau would have to get his aerobic fitness up if he made the switch.

“These guys are almost on par with middle distance athletes with the skill set of Rugby players, the game awareness of Rugby players and also that physicality as well.

“It would have to be a commitment to the Sevens not just for the Olympics, it would also have to be in the build up.”

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