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Dusty likely to challenge two-match ban: Jon Ralph

There’s no disputing that Dustin Martin’s off-the-ball strike begs for some form of sanction. However, similar incidents may offer Martin a leg to stand on should Richmond challenge the two-match ban and $1500 fine.

Giant’s Adam Kennedy said he didn’t feel that the contact was that severe, whilst a similar incident by Brownlow medalist Tom Mitchell on Todd Goldstein last year was dismissed and issued with only a fine.

Further, teammate Dylan Grimes was sanctioned only one week for an elbow to Jamie Elliot’s head in round two.

Piggy and Levy spoke to Herald Sun’s Jon Ralph who said Martin is “not showing the qualities of the player he professes to be.”

“He’s always been been very level headed and subdued the taggers to his own brilliance,

“Clubs were starting to think he may be bulletproof, but he has shown himself to be the exact opposite.”

Jon Ralph fears that what will happen now, is that even clubs who haven’t got great taggers will try and throw someone at him.

“He’s signed his own death warrant in this regard, he will be tagged from here on out.”

If Martin is out for round four it will be the first time Richmond has been without their top four – Alex Rance, Jack Riewoldt and Trent Cotchin – since 2010.

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