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‘Enough is enough’: Meet Trout, the Richmond fanatic joining Joffa’s AFL boycott

PHOTO CREDIT: Richmond Tigers FC

It’s a truism for any sport: the biggest stakeholders are the fans.

In the case of the AFL, a recent crackdown on fan behaviour places their biggest stakeholder firmly in their sights and it has led to some of the sport’s most vocal supporters threatening a boycott.

Joffa is perhaps the game’s best-known supporter, a Collingwood tragic and a mainstay of the Magpies cheer squad, announced he will not attend another game until the AFL “apologises to all supporters [for] the way we are being treated”

Trout from Woodend is a Richmond Tigers fanatic and the club’s most recognisable supporter, loyal to the Yellow and Black and raised on a diet of late 60s premierships.

The way fans have been treated by the AFL has forced Trout to side with Joffa by refusing to attend games until further notice.

“This is not about Joffa, it’s not about me, it’s about every fan who goes to the game, you make one little mistake and you’re out, you could cop a 12-month ban,” Trout tells Marko and The Ox on Macquarie Sports Radio.

A Carlton fan named ‘Frankie’ (not his real name) was booted from the ground on Saturday after calling the umpire a “bald-headed flog”, while other fans have been spoken to by security for simply cheering too loudly.

Trout says it’s time to take a stand, enough is enough.

“We just want to go to the footy, we just want to enjoy ourselves, we’re passionate people,” he said.

“I’ve been going to the footy for 40 years, I haven’t been chucked out, I haven’t been suspended for doing the wrong thing, so why should I now get in trouble for yelling out ‘bald-flog’?

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