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Erin Phillips’ father says ‘she’s the talk of the town’

Greg Phillips is beaming with pride after his daughter, dual premiership winning AFLW superstar Erin Phillips, claimed her second best and fairest medal last night at the AFLW awards.

“Everywhere I go she’s the talk of the town,” Phillips tells David Morrow and Tony Leonard.

A premiership winning player for Port Adelaide himself, it’s obvious that Aussie Rules talent runs in the blood but it’s his daughter’s achievements now which summons adoration from the fans.

“A lot of people used to say, ‘are you Greg Phillips who used to play for Port Adelaide?‘ – well, no-one has said that over the last three years, they say ‘are you Greg Phillips, Erin Phillips’ Dad?’

Phillips told Macquarie Sports Radio of how emotional Erin’s speech was last night and how she has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

“Yeah it really hit me hard, it was just such an amazing speech. Port Adelaide is such a proud club with great history and when Erin was born we were actually met with mixed responses.

“I had so many people coming up to me saying oh we’re so sorry you didn’t have a boy. It got us down as a family, but what an amazing story it’s turned out to be and I was just so proud last night.”

After Erin achieved her second premiership this year, her father believes that the AFLW is now in a great place to inspire all footy fans watching today.

“A lot of the women today are fantastic role models for all the young players that are coming through the sport. I’m a coach now myself and there is just so much interest into the women’s game which is unbelievable.

“The AFLW has really taken a step forward and I’m just so glad that in South Australia, 53 000 people turned out and watched the Grand Final. It was just a fantastic day and it was a great thing to see all the young fans at the game there to watch their heroes play”

Speaking earlier on Macquarie Sports Radio, Brownlow medalist Jimmy Bartel said he believes the AFLW’s highest honour should bear Phillips’ name.

“The only debate we should be having about Erin Phillips is whether you name the league best and fairest after her or if you name the best on ground in the Grand Final after her.” he said.

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