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‘Erratic’ NRL eye gouge rulings perplex Geoff Toovey

Image: Darren England / AAP

Queensland big man Josh McGuire has come under fire after he hit Blues playmaker James Maloney in the closing stages of Game II, an action which has seen him charged and facing a one-game ban.

Former Blues great Geoff Toovey tells James Willis he was perplexed with the confusing grading of dangerous acts like facial grabs and eye gouges.

“I thought he was lucky to get away with what he got away with a few months ago, with the eye gouge,” Toovey said.

“If something more drastic happened there, we wouldn’t be seeing what we’re seeing now,

“What is the difference between a grade 1 and a grade 5, particularly when it comes to face and eye gouges… what? You have to rip his eye out for a grade 5? It is very erratic at times.”

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