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EXCLUSIVE: NRL CEO Todd Greenberg weighs in on Billy Slater debate

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg has told Halftime with James Willis that he is comfortable with the decision made last night at the NRL Judiciary.

‘I’m comfortable (with the decision)…What we found last night with the not guilty plea was the match review will continue to charge those players…but ultimately if it does get to the judiciary it will be judged in an independent forum which is a good thing’

Greenberg did also intimate that the rule would be looked at the end of the season.

‘At the end of the season  we’ll look to make any changes and we’ll do some consultation with the match review and with the judiciary and the people that matter through our clubs’

Greenberg was also quick to back the decision to have Gerard Sutton to be the Lead Match Official for the NRL Grand Final, even after the perceived blunder of not sin binning Billy Slater last Friday Night in the Preliminary Final against the Sharks.

‘In review, I understand that the referees in their report card certainly could talk the fact that could have been the case on the field as a professional foul but that certainly wasn’t happening on the night’

When asked why Sutton would be the Lead Referee for the Grand Final after making an arguably incorrect call.

‘He’s our best referee and occasionally, like players on the field will make mistakes from time to time but there is no doubt that Gerry Sutton is the number 1 referee in the game’

Greenberg was also optimistic about the future of growing crowd numbers at NRL matches

‘We are going to knock down ANZ stadium and knock down Allianz Stadium and we are going to build purpose rectangular  base stadiums

‘Next year what comes online is a 30,000 seat purpose built rectangular stadium probably the best the country has ever seen…I think you’ll see a lot less empty seats and a lot more people’

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