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Family-friendly footy: It’s time to go grog-free… but only in some places

The amount of crowd violence at AFL games has been in the news, but it’s not just the violence but the poor behaviour of punters that is getting to Matt Granland.

Speaking on Macquarie Sports Radio Drive, Matt recounted taking his son to the footy and not being impressed by those around him.

“I took my 5-year-old to North Melbourne and Geelong, on Sunday just gone at Marvel Stadium,” Matt said.

“The bloke behind me was swearing a lot. I thought to myself, do I say something to him?”

Matt went on to say that at quarter-time he found another spot to sit.

“Should we just have an area where it is just for families? Where you’re not allowed and to swear, and it’s a dry area,” Matt asked Macquarie Sports Radio listeners.

While alcohol-free areas exist at some stadiums, family-friendly zones aren’t compulsory at all venues.

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