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Fan violence at AFL games is ruining footy

David Schwarz and Mark Allen have had enough of drunken spectators attending football games and causing fights.

The comments come following a clash at the Geelong vs Melbourne game on Saturday night at Kardinia Park. More than 10 supporters from both the Cats and Demons were filmed kicking and punching each other in a brawl in the standing section at the Cat’s GMHBA Stadium.

Speaking on Drive, Schwarz had this message for spectators. “If you don’t want to come to the footy and enjoy it, see you later. Don’t turn up. Go to the pub or sit in your garage and watch it at home”, Schwarz said. “It’s knuckleheads like you that go to the footy that ruin it for families.”

Earlier this year, Tony Shaw was vocalised his disgust in the behaviour of a fan at a Collingwood match.

Allen praised Schwarz and Shaw, saying “I think it is absolutely sensational that the greats of football clubs stand up, get on whatever media platform they’ve got, and say listen – you’re that drunk, you’re that stupid, stay home. I’m really glad you’ve said it.”

The Geelong incident also brought about suggestions that fan segregation is necessary at football games. “It’s a nice headline Ox, but it is never, ever, ever going to happen at any sport in this country…”

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