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Father of John Millman ‘thrilled’ his son is finally getting attention he deserves

The father of Tennis’s new wonderkind John Millman says that he was so happy that his son is ‘finally getting the attention he deserves’ after his massive win over Roger Federer at the US Open over night.

In a refreshing interview, it was clear that you couldn’t wipe the smile off Ron Millman’s face as he recounted his son’s historic victory over arguably the world’s best tennis player, thrusting son John into the spotlight after years of being in the shadows of the big names.

“It was unbelievable really! If you’re going to beat anyone, why not beat Roger Federer.” Millman told Macquarie Sports Radio Melbourne Breakfast 

Ron said he didn’t think that the media circus would be as big as it has been for him and his family.

“It has been unbelievable, we knew that he beat Roger, but we thought he’d just move on to the next round, but it has been like a tsunami from the media. ”

Ron was thrilled that John is finally in the spotlight after so long in the wilderness

“It is overwhelming really but I love that my son is getting some attention. He is usually the last one who gets any attention in terms of the Australian players, we know he is good, but it is great to see the public realizing that too.”

Ron spoke about his son’s tough path to Grand Slams, and how hard he has had to work to get to where he is now.

“He never got any wildcards. He always had to play these different tournaments in all parts of the world. Success is just so sweet for John at the moment.”

Remarkably, Ron, who is a teacher in Queensland, says he didn’t even see his son’s match, but knew something was up when people kept running up the corridor to his room to fill him in on the scores.

“I never saw any of it because I was teaching. The administration didn’t really seem to be doing much work. The deputy head mistress was doing lots of sprints down the stairs, and when I saw her running I knew it must be good news.”

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