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Fight night farce: ‘It was one of the worst I’ve seen’

It was a big night for Tim Tszyu on Wednesday as he claimed the Australian National Boxing Federation’s super middleweight title against champion Joel Camilleri.

Sadly, it wasn’t Tszyu’s fairytale win that was the story of the night.

Retired rugby league star Justin Hodges went up against New Zealander Troy McMahon, who was a late replacement on the card.

The match ended in just 23 seconds with Hodges knocking out his opponent. Critics were quick to question McMahon’s fitness and whether he should have been allowed to fight.

“It looked like they went out and offered a bloke a packet of burger rings to fight Justin Hodges,” Matt Granland said on Macquarie Sports Radio Drive.

David Schwarz felt the same.

“The doctor’s should not have allowed this bloke to go up. He was so out of shape,” Schwarz said.

“The people who put the fight on should have hung their heads in shame.”

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Legendary former boxer Barry Michael commentated the lineup on Main Event.

“I don’t know how that got past the New South Wales boxing board,” Michael told Macquarie Sports Radio Drive.

“I deadset don’t understand it. It was one of the worst I’ve seen.”

Michael recounted his conversation with the boxer after the event, explaining why the mismatched bout took place.

“He was half the size of Hodgey,” Michael said.

“He was devastated. They had five different opponents pull out on him.”

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