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FINA finally relents

Swimmers around the world are doing laps of victory after an Australian-led protest has unbelievably caused a backflip from the sport’s governing body FINA.

FINA had threatened to ban swimmers from competing at the Olympics and world championships if they participated in a breakaway competition called the International Swimming League which would give swimmers the opportunity to earn prize money.

Fortunately cooler heads have prevailed and FINA rescinded their threat, which has been seen as a landmark victory for Swimmers around the World.

Swimming Australia CEO Leigh Russell has welcomed the result when speaking to David Morrow and Julian King.

” I think it was the only reasonable way forward, certainly helped along by a very strong athletes voice…hoping that common sense would prevail in this one.

“The ISL really were looking at putting on events that were very much about swimmers and I guess moving into the entertainment space as well, creating a bit of a different format, for swimmers to continue to perform but also have a bit of a different experience as well.”

Russell was also quick to point out that whilst Swimming Australia had a role to play in the backflip, that the Athletes really need to take the credit.

“To be fair I think the Athletes have had the influence and certainly have been heard…I would love to take the credit, we definitely played our role, but certainly weren’t the rainmaker in this one.”