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Former Australia cricket coach on player penalties “I think they should stand”

Former coach of the Australia national cricket team John Buchanan has told Macquarie Sports Radio that the penalties for Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft should stand.

Speaking on Mornings with Tony Leonard and Tiffany Cherry Buchanan said, “When you boil it all down it was cheating.

“Cheating in any walk of life is unacceptable and within cricket I think it’s very important Australia don’t retract from that position, I think it’s an important stance they made and it should remain.”

Cricket Australia has been branded arrogant and dictatorial in a scathing independent review following the ball tampering scandal earlier this year.

The Ethics Centre’s 145 page report paints a dim picture of the governing body’s culture. It highlights concerns about the commercialisation of cricket, a win at all costs mentality and the normalisation of verbal abuse in the Australian men’s team.

The review has made 42 recommendations.

Hear John Buchanan’s comments.

Full interview with John Buchanan.

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