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Former Dragons player responds to reports on McGregor’s future

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Former Dragons player Mark Riddell says the club has “backed themselves into a corner” with head coach Paul McGregor.

After a disastrous season, reports in the Daily Telegraph suggest he could be replaced before the start of the 2020 season.

Riddell told Macquarie Sports Radio the faces a sizable payout if they choose to move on McGregor as part of their post-season review.

“The problem the club has got is the club has almost backed themselves into a corner,” he said.

‘They re-signed him for two years back in April and since then, the team has gone downhill for numerous reasons.

“They’re going to have to pay him out $1.2m (if they sack him), he’s rumoured to be on $600,000 a season.

“You then have to find a replacement and pay them as well so that’s the tough predicament the Dragons management have got.

“I was always on the opinion that they’d make some changes around McGregor and give him the pre-season and see how he goes in the early part of the next season.

“But if you read the reports today, it may not even get to that stage.”

Riddell is urging the Dragons to stick with the embattled coach but if they do choose to move him on, he’s endorsed former Sharks boss Shane Flanagan as his replacement.

“Before I comment on this, I want to see him coach next year,” he said.

“But if they don’t go down that path and they give him the bullet, I’d like to see someone without any Dragons affiliation there.

“If he was available, I’d like to see someone like Shane Flanagan get the job. He’s not in that bubble and I think that’s what a lot of fans at the moment are angry about.

“I’d like nothing more to see Shane Flanagan in the job, he’s got runs on the board.”

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Piggy, Levy & Jimmy