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Former referees boss questions why two refs are needed after Grand Final confusion

The morning after a pulsating NRL Grand Final marred by some controversial refereeing decisions, Julian King and Jamie Soward spoke to former NRL referee and head of the match review committee Greg McCallum to get his thoughts on the refereeing performance.

The main controversy surrounded Ben Cummins six again reversed call.

McCallum understood why the call left fans frustrated and said it raises questions of the two referee system.

“Whilst it’s been proven since it was an incorrect decision, the fact that the six tackle signal was made makes it really difficult to overturn and that’s whats frustrated a lot of people.”

“I’ve never been a great fan of two referees. I think it came at a time when refs were struggling physically. If you’ve got an effective bunker and effective touch judges, you only need one referee.”

Another talking point was earlier in the game when Luke Keary’s kick was charged down by Iosia Soliola with the ball then hitting the Rooster’s trainer in the head. The Rooster’s got the feed for the ensuing scrum which confused many but McCallum saw a different issue.

“The correct ruling was there but you’ve got to ask the question, after two minutes why the trainer is there.

“You’ve got to get them off. There’s no need for them to be on the field. They’re out there tactically and someones got to bite the bullet and say we don’t need them on the field as often.”