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Former Rugby League star Jason Stevens talks about his new film

A Rugby League champion, NSW Origin star of the past… now screen writer.

Jason Stevens has embarked on a new career since his retirement in 2005.

Starting a screen-writing course in 2006, Stevens has written and produced his first film, Chasing Comets.

He told Clinton Maynard and Craig Willis he always had some interest in film.

“I found once I retired in 2005 I had some concept of film, and I always loved it, but I wouldn’t say I was a film-buff,” he said.

“I just took a leap of faith, started to write and took screen-writing courses.

“I didn’t realise 13 years later I would be making my first film.”

Starring Beau Ryan, Isabel Lucas, Stan Walker and Dan Ewing to name a film, Chasing Comets is set in Wagga Wagga, a town with a strong sport presence.

Stevens said the film initially focused on just League.

“Initially I wrote the film just for Rugby League, but I then wanted to also include the AFL market.”


He says there has been a lot of “grit” involved in making the film.

“You use a lot of skills you use while playing League – perseverance and handling rejection, and moving it across to a different field,” Stevens said.

When asked what’s harder between making a film and playing rugby:

” I would say making a film.”

Chasing Comets is in cinemas around Australia August 23.

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