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Former Saints coach would weigh up returning to the club if asked

Former St Kilda coach Grant Thomas says he’d consider returning to the club he used to coach if asked.

Alan Richardson and St Kilda parted ways on Tuesday, bringing an end to his six seasons as head coach of the club.

He failed to make finals in any of those six years.

Speaking on Macquarie Sports Radio, Thomas, who coached the club between 2001 and 2006, says despite moving on to other things in life.

He said he’s a “sucker for the Saints” and would weigh up helping the club out.

“I’m a devoted Saints person and the reason I went there 20 years ago was to earn respect and provide us with sustained success,” he said.

“If someone asks me for help, I help. That’s just what I do.

“But it’s probably unlikely given I say that I think and that seems to upset people.

“I’m always happy to have a chat.”

Thomas cast doubt on the timing of Richardson’s departure, saying they should’ve made the decision earlier.

“We perhaps should’ve (changed coaches) at the end of last year, at least,” he said.

“Maybe a Clarkson, Longmire or Beveridge wouldn’t have been the position that’s he’s in, it’s all about timing.”

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