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Former Wallaby Cameron Shepherd says he feels disappointed by the Wallabies

After the fallout from Australia’s tumultuous Rugby World Cup campaign continues, former Wallaby Cameron Shepherd has admitted the current state of affairs has left him disappointed.

“We’re all called to watch and support the Wallabies with all our hearts, but from what I’ve had to watch over the last six months, it has been so disappointing on so many levels,” Shepherd said.

Shepherd, who played nine tests for the Wallabies between 2006-10, says Rugby Australia needs to stop lying to the public and come clean as to what’s been going so wrong for so long.

“Tactically from a coaching point of view, the support that Rugby Australia has put behind the group, and the transparency that they’ve tried to have with their fans, has been non-existent,” Shepherd said.

“I’ve just felt isolated and I think finally it’s become time where all the political responses need to stop and people need to be honest with the public and genuinely face up to the things that went wrong during this period and during this World Cup.”

With eyes now firmly on the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France, Shepherd believes the pain might only get worse for Australian Rugby fans.

“The issue we have now is that we’ve fallen so far down and we’ve lost so many players to overseas and retirement, that it’s really left us in a tough position to try and recover from,” Shepherd said.

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