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63 Not Out: Four years on from Phil Hughes’ death

Today marks four years since the passing of former Australian cricketer Phil Hughes.

Hughes was batting for South Australia in a Sheffield Shield clash against New South Wales when he struck on the back of the head by a Sean Abbott bouncer.

He stumbled – before falling to the ground and being taken to hospital – where he was placed into an induced coma.

Hughes never recovered from the incident losing his life tragically only days later.

While many former teammates of Hughes including the likes of Michael Clarke have struggled to come to terms with the loss, it wasn’t any different for journalist Peter Lalor.

“It was shocking days, if not weeks and not just for me, I certainly wasn’t alone in how I felt about that,” Lalor said.

“We had a nation united, I think we had the world of cricket united on that story.

“We remember the Kiwis had stopped playing, the England rooms were a very sombre place that night they said when they learnt the news.

“It spread through the cricket community and it was an awful time, it was apparent very early that Phillip wasn’t going to get better.

“I think I was pretty much aware that night he wasn’t going to live and if he did it wasn’t going to be worth it.

“It was the hardest time the game’s ever faced on an emotional level for sure.”

Hughes will forever be remember on 63 Not Out.


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