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‘Free agency is broken’ – Jon Ralph

Herald Sun AFL writer Jon Ralph says free agency no longer serves the purpose it has been introduced for and needs “desperate fixing”. 

“Free agency is totally busted. The Richmond Football Club got Tom Lynch and will probably get pick 20 as a compensation – and they lose Brandon Ellis, who finished somewhere outside the top 11 at Richmond’s best and fairest”, Ralph told Ox and Marko on Macquarie Sports Radio Drive.

“Clubs are petrified about players becoming free agents, so they get these mega million dollar deals 12 months out from free agency – that was never what was supposed to happen. It seems that the rules of free agency as they were drawn up are being bastardised and abused.”

Former Melbourne Demons player David Schwarz says money is the main factor for players moving these days. “The players do not give a stuff about fans and supporters. They give a stuff about their pockets. Loyalty has gone out of the window. There is no more loyalty in sport.”

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