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‘Get rid of it’ Lazarus on dangerous tackles

Three-time NRL Premiership winner Glenn Lazarus has applauded the NRL for giving Broncos prop Matt Lodge a two week suspension for a dangerous tackle on Melbourne Storm five-eighth Cameron Munster.

Lazarus told Macquarie Sports Radio, “Cameron Munster, if his foot was three or four inches lower it would have caught the ground and it would have snapped his leg in two and it would have been horrendous.”

The Storm Premiership winner warned Lodge that the headlines could have been much worse, “Cameron Munster out for the year, such an integral part of the Melbourne Storm outfit.

“It needs to be outlawed and don’t give me any garbage about they can’t pull out of things… get rid of it as soon as possible,” he said.

“I’m applauding the NRL for coming out and giving Matt Lodge two weeks because he deserved it.”

Listen to Glenn Lazarus’ comments