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‘Get them out of the sport’ Sport Australia CEO on NRL player behaviour

Sport Australia CEO Kate Palmer has called for NRL players that have damaged the reputation of the sport to stand aside.

Palmer told Macquarie Sports Radio, “It was interesting reading the AOC position on this which means if you have been charged with an offence or have created major issues for the sport, in terms of its reputation, you should stand aside.”

“For me, I know it’s a tough thing and the NRL’s got to make their own decision and they have a policy at the moment that they’re reviewing.

“But it’s unacceptable, get them out of the sport, as soon as they do that these athletes will know that sort of behaviour is damaging not only the NRL but it’s damaging the reputation of sport globally,” she said.

A meeting of the ARL Commission on February 28 will examine potential avenues of approach to deal with the string of scandals that have plagued the game over summer.

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Palmer joined David Morrow and Mat Thompson to promote Sport Australia’s new fundraising Play For Purpose not-for-profit raffle.

Instead of chickens, meat trays, fish platters or gift vouchers as the main prizes, Australians can win a $250,000 prize package with a single $10 raffle ticket. $5 of every $10 ticket will be donated to their sports club of choice.

Better still, the club doesn’t have to source the prizes – saving time, energy and costs.

Play For Purpose’s objective is to raise funds for grassroots sport and provide all Australians with the opportunity to participate in the sport and enjoy the health, social and community benefits sport provides.

The first Play For Purpose raffle closes on February 27 and will be drawn on February 28.

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