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Giants deny Coniglio injury will affect contract talks

GWS Giants football boss Wayne Campbell says the club aren’t thinking about Stephen Coniglio’s contract negotiations, despite a knee injury cutting his season short.

Coniglio escaped an ACL tear but looks unlikely to play again this year.

“It was strange to sort of walk out of the surgeons office almost punching the air, and knowing that one of your best players was out for eight weeks,” Campbell told Macquarie Sports Radio.

“Given that Stephen’s currently on an operating table… I think we’re more concerned just with his short term welfare than worrying about that stuff too much.”

Campbell also denies the club risked playing Coniglio, even though he came into the Richmond clash with a knee injury.

“I think when people delve in to opinions and saying this is what should happen or shouldn’t happen specifically if they don’t have a medical opinion, I think that’s going too far.”

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