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Giants star Adam Tomlinson says AFL players receive ample education around gambling rules

GWS Giants utility Adam Tomlinson says Jaidyn Stephenson’s situation is ‘disappointing’ but points out that AFL players are given ample education about the strict rules which prohibit them from gambling on anything related to Australian Rules Football.

“We sit through a whole lot of seminars and online education, they provide us with enough education and they tell us that the consequences are heavy despite what the bet is,” Tomlinson tells James Willis on Halftime.

“After a seminar, you have to do a certain amount of online stuff and you’ve got to get it all correct, and if it’s not all correct you’ve got to go and do it all again,

“A young 19 or 20-year  old who’s a bit naive, things can happen and you can have brain fade and make a little mistake, it’s bad, it’s not a great look, but at the same time hopefully this shows that a small bet can cost you nearly 22 weeks.”

Stephenson was handed a 22-week suspension, 12 weeks of which were suspended, and fined $20,000 after placing three bets totalling $36 on matches he played in.

10 weeks on the sidelines means he could be back in time to play finals, however, his suspension prevents him from playing in the VFL also, so questions linger over the second year player’s ability to remain match fit.

Tomlinson says he’s the kind of player who should be able to return to the side and have an impact provided he can earn back the faith of his teammates.

“They say you can lose respect very quickly and it takes a long time to regain it, unfortunately, he might have to put in some hard work,” he said.

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