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‘Give us a break’: Bartel responds to Sydney Stack’s Eddie Betts goal celebration critics

Hour of Power

Geelong great Jimmy Bartel can’t see a problem with Richmond’s Sydney Stack celebrating Adelaide forward Eddie Betts’ miraculous goal.

The two opposing players had a light-hearted battle throughout Thursday night’s game before Betts kicked a stunning goal from the boundary in the dying staging of the match, with Stack conceding and publicly congratulating Betts.

Betts later told 3AW Football it was all in good spirit, opening up on the banter they shared throughout the match.

Bartel told Macquarie Sports Radio it should be a moment to celebrate, not criticise.

“He had just about every single person on their feet applauding,” he said.

“We take the game far too seriously sometimes, the guy is an absolute entertainment and the game is over.

“Sydney Stack actually went to Eddie and said ‘you got me’.

“The guy is special and you’ve got some old stiffs who say we can’t have any of that in the game.

“Give us a break.”

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Hour of Power