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Glenn Boss says Sydney racing is ‘pretty healthy at the moment’


By the time most athletes hit their mid-thirties, the chatter of impending retirement becomes increasingly louder. Muscles ache, bones creak, peaks are shorter, recovery longer.

Unless you are a jockey, of course, whose 20s are for learning and whose 30s are for earning.

As for their 40s? Those are for earning too. Throw their 50s in while we’re at it.

Case in point? The great Glenn Boss, who at 49 years old has returned to Australia after a three-year stint in Singapore. Boss is on a mission to take a juicy bite out of Sydney’s lucrative spring racing season.

“I just felt like it was time to come home, I feel I’ve still got a little bit more to do in my riding career at a good level,” Glenn Boss tells David Morrow and Mathew Thompson on Macquarie Sports Radio.

“It’s pretty healthy, Sydney racing at the moment.

“I’m not expecting to just walk into Sydney and go ‘here I am’ and be thrown rides, I’ve got to get there and work hard.

“At the end of the day the talking’s got to stop very quickly and your actions have to show that you’re still capable and that you’ve still got the hunger.

“I want to get down there and reestablish myself. Physically I’m really well, mentally I feel like I’m in a really good spot at the moment, but like I said, the talking has to stop and I’ve just got to get out there and do it on a racetrack.”

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