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Glenn Lazarus backs NRL expansion but has one major concern

Three-time NRL Premiership winner Glenn Lazarus has backed the renewed calls for an expanded competition.

There have long been suggestions that a second Brisbane team is needed and speaking to Macquarie Sports Radio, the Broncos title winner echoed those sentiments:

“I do want the competition to be a national competition.

“I think there’s scope for a team in Perth.

“I think the Ipswich area – which is expanding all the time, the growth out there is unbelievable.

“They’ve got some infrastructure in place, they’ve got the juniors. They’ve got all the criteria and the backing.”

However the Melbourne and Canberra legend also had one major caveat to the push for new NRL teams:

“I’m all for expansion. I’d love to see 50 teams playing in the NRL. Or 36 like they do in the NFL, but unfortunately for me the issue is the talent pool isn’t big enough to go around.

“We’ll see what we saw around the Super League era where we had 22 teams playing and we were getting lopsided results. An example is the Crushers. They had some good wins but they had a lot of really bad losses. Their crowds dwindled and they turned off them pretty quickly.

“I think they have to be very careful not just handing out new franchises because as I say that talent pool is very thin and I don’t think people want to go to a game and see their team get lapped.”

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