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Glenn Lazarus: “Billy Slater shoulder charge … It’s ruining the game”

It’s not just ruining the Grand Final for Billy Slater and Rugby League fans, it’s ruining the game.

Hall of Fame legend Glenn Lazarus has made it clear, he wants to see Billy Slater play in this weekend’s Grand Final against the Roosters, although, he concedes it is unlikely Slater will be able to clear his name before the NRL judiciary tonight.

Speaking with Mark Levy and Mark Riddell this morning on Macquarie Sports Radio, Lazarus said it’s less about Slater and more about a flaw in the rule itself.

“It is not the fact that it’s Billy Slater, it’s what they’ve done to the rule…. The act itself was not malicious but because the act that falls under this very broad rule, a player could miss out on the Grand Final. The NRL need to sit down and go back to the rule back and not make broad changes to the rules on a whim.”

Slater will miss this weekend’s penultimate clash against the Roosters, unless the Storm can successfully challenge the controversial ban, which goes before a hearing tonight.

Listen to the full interview with Glenn Lazarus below: