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Gould believes ‘money spent on ANZ stadium is a waste’ as Allianz blows out

The NSW state government has found itself in a hole with the Berejiklian Government having their Allianz Stadium knockdown and rebuild halted after the $729 million projects cancelled their contract with builder Lendlease over a cost blowout.

“The money spent on ANZ stadium is a waste, there is nothing you can do to that stadium that’s going to make it feel good for a crowd of ten thousand people,” states NRL legend Phil Gould.

“I would be throwing a lot more money at Allianz, I know that Venues NSW wants to put a roof on it.”

“Sydney needs a roofed stadium.”

Lendlease told the Government it was unable to build the stadium within the promised budget, the delays now look to possibly ruin the chances of the new stadium hosting the 2022 NRL Grand Final, meaning it could be moved to Queensland.

“I would prefer that they make Allianz the best it could be, put a roof on it, and if you can’t fix ANZ for a number of years I wouldn’t worry about it.”

Image: Brook Mitchell / Stringer via Getty Images

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