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Graham Annesley believes it would be irresponsible not to consider golden point alternative

The NRL’s Head of Football Elite Competitions Graham Annesley believes it would be irresponsible not to consider an alternative to golden point in the future.

In 2019, 10 games have been decided in golden point including Brisbane’s controversial win over the Eels and Canberra’s victory over Cronulla in round 24.

There are a number of alternatives being considered as possible replacements if the NRL does consider going down another avenue including golden try, a period of extra time or even a game finishing as a draw.

Annesley told Macquarie Sports Radio Halftime that change is possible but currently the fans love golden point.

“We wouldn’t be acting responsibly if we didn’t at least look at what other alternatives there may be,” Annesley said.

“It may well be after we look at those alternatives we think the one that we’ve got is still the best one.

“The feedback we get consistently is the fans think it’s a fantastic way to finish the game, there’ll be some people who don’t agree with it.

“You only have to look around in any of our venues when a game goes into golden point how the atmosphere in the venue lifts and it’s a very exciting thing to watch as a spectator.

“You may not get the result you’re looking for depending on which team you follow but the actual contest when it is in golden point, it’s hard to say it’s boring.”

However, Parramatta legend Peter Sterling said he would like to see the game go back to the days of the draw.

“I’m a draw person,” Sterling said.

“Earlier on when golden point was introduced, I was a fan of it because it was brought in for the fans and for supporters.

“But when it developed into what it is which is basically a field goal a thon, it lost me.

“And I think a golden try might be inviting more trouble.”

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images.