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‘I felt sorry for Nick Cotric’: Gus Gould says it wasn’t a spear tackle

The Rugby League world is divided on the red card given to Canberra Raiders star Nick Cotric for his spear tackle on Dragons centre Tim Lafai on Sunday.

Cotric was sent off for the remainder of the game after picking up Lafai and driving him into the turf. Thankfully Lafai got back to his feet and played out the game but it certainly looked dangerous.

Canberra coach Ricky Stuart launched a passionate defence of his player in the post-match press conference saying he didn’t believe the tackle warranted a red card.

Speaking on the Macquarie Sports breakfast show, Phil Gould weighed in on the debate throwing his support behind Ricky Stuart saying, “I was glad that Ricky Stuart spoke the way that he did. He was quite unemotional about it. He was quite deliberate in choosing the words that he spoke and I felt that I was agreeing with him.”

Gould acknowledged the tackle was awkward but didn’t think it was worthy of a red card, “I don’t think that that tackle was a send-off offence. I don’t think it was a spear tackle in the sense of the definition. It ended up awkward, it was an accident. I don’t think Nick Cotric intended that tackle to end up that way in any shape or form. Sometimes these things just happen on a football field.”

“I felt sorry for Nick Cotric”.