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Gus Gould questions mental toughness of the Broncos

Phil ‘Gus’ Gould has slammed the Brisbane Broncos after their demoralising loss to the Melbourne Storm and has questioned if they have the effort to make finals footy this year.

The Broncos suffered a humiliating 40-4 loss last night at Suncorp Stadium and Gould believes the effort is just not there for a once proud team.

“They haven’t won a title since 2006, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to be playing finals footy this year either, let alone win the competition.

It just seems like an extraordinary drought for a club that has had such an advantage over other clubs in terms of recruitment and retention. I really thought this was a nice, up and coming roster and I believe they have their best footy in front of them but last night was a fairly meek demise at the end of the game”

Gould believes the lack of mental resolve from the Broncos players comes from their own coach Anthony Siebold, after he made questionable comments from the loss.

“His job is to change the mentality and culture of that team and he is not doing that. When your coach talks like that after a loss, I wonder if that mentality is seeping into the players and that last forty minutes just wasn’t good enough for a team that was hoping to leapfrog into the top eight.”