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“He doesn’t have that feel for the game”: Ian Chappell blasts Joe Root’s captaincy

Ian Chappell has sounded off at Joe Root’s leadership, believing Root does not have the attributes and skills to be a quality captain.

After captaining Australia thirty times at the Test level, Chappell says that Roots tactics throughout these opening matches of the Ashes series, particularly with his bowlers, has left him scratching his head.

“He tends to start the sessions on the wrong bowlers. It’s pretty obvious who you start a session with and that is your best two bowlers”, Chappell said.

“You’re looking for one of your best two bowlers and if there is a guy at the end of the crease who has a hold over a certain batsman, than that is something that you’re looking for as a captain.”

After failing to win the opening two test matches of this Ashes Tour, Chappell questions whether Root has the capabilities and knowledge to lead England in the Test arena.

“He just has a lack of feel for the game. If you’re stranding in the slips and you’ve got a bowler operating and he hasn’t taken a wicket for a few overs, but you’ve got a gut feel there is a wicket around the corner, then you keep him going,” he said.

“But if you’re standing in the slips and the bloke has been bowling for a few overs and you just think to yourself, ‘there is nothing happening here he just doesn’t look like getting a wicket’, then you’ve got to get him off and get someone else on. Joe just doesn’t seem to have that feel for the game.”

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