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“He has to get him out of there in 3 rounds” Paul Kent

Anthony Mundine may think he has a chance of beating Jeff Horn on Friday at Suncorp Stadium, but not many people agree.

Least of all sports journalist Paul Kent who has written about boxing his whole career including penning Johnny Lewis’ biography.

Asked on Macquarie Sports Radio Mornings whether Mundine’s 43 year old legs can carry him, Kent’s response was simple, “No they can’t. I think Jeff will be too strong.”

However, even a win won’t be enough for Horn according to Kent.

“If Jeff Horn is the fighter we thought he was after Manny Pacquiao, he needs to get Anthony out of there in… absolute par for him is four rounds. And Horn knows it. Horn’s not talking about trying to wear him down late. The later the fight gets, the legs will go on Anthony. They’re just not there anymore.

“For Horn to sell himself to America and say ‘I’m still a commodity as a fighter. I’m still worth getting on your card’ he has to win in a few rounds. He can’t go out and have a messy 8, 10, God forbid 12 round fight. He has to get him out of there in 3 rounds and hit him nicely and hit him cleanly and be done with it.

“He still thinks he’s got a lot of rubber left in the tyres as far as a boxer goes and selling himself overseas. If he doesn’t win impressively here it’s very hard to say to America ‘hey I’m here’.”

Kent sat down for an in depth interview with The Man. Anthony Mundine: The Man’s Last Stand will air on Fox Sports 3 at 8:30pm AEDT on Tuesday night, and Kent offered one slight ray of light for “Choc”, “If he unleashes that right hand, it can end the fight. The difficulty when he does that is, Jeff Horn’s a fighter who fights with his chin down. He takes a lot of punches on his forehead which is not conducive to knockouts.”

Either way it will be one of the most anticipated sporting events in Australia this year.

Hear the fight live on Friday night on Macquarie Sports Radio with special guest commentators Ray Hadley and Billy Dib.

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