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“He is a genuine good fella”: Andrew Gaze defends under fire Bogut

Australian Basketball legend Andrew gaze has defended under fire Boomers star Andrew Bogut after his explosive comments in this year’s FIBA Basketball World Cup.

Bogut made the controversial comments after Australia’s 89-88 semi-final loss to Spain, believing the Boomers were duded by the referees.

The star Australian centre has until 8:00pkm on September 25th to provide a statement to FIBA and clear up his expletive ridden comments.

“Knowing Andrew Bogut he is a good fella. He is a genuine good fella and what it is, is that it’s a heat of the moment, just absolutely gutted comment”, Gaze said.

“In that heat of the moment, he has said things that I’m sure that in the clear light of day he would acknowledge that if he had his time over again he wouldn’t have made those comments.”

After calling in the integrity of FIBA after the Boomers loss, Gaze says fans need to remember that Bogut’s comments are not a reflection of the man himself.

“We also know his passion, his commitment, his personality, all those things that have made him so successful, but it’s an emotional time. There is no doubt he doesn’t regret what he said, no doubt”, Gaze said.

“Based on my understanding on him as an individual, he would acknowledge that, that probably wasn’t the best way to handle those circumstances.”

“Hopefully people don’t see this as a reflection of him as a human being, it’s just a highly emotional set of circumstances.”

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