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Heath Davidson looking to Tokyo 2020, “I’d love to play Dylan in a gold medal match”

Image: Courtney Crow / AAP Image / SPORT THE LIBRARY

Heath Davidson has overcome a lot in his long and successful career, the gold winning Paralympian.

He joins Mieke and Billy on Weekend Mornings to share his incredible journey and how he retired from the sport after 10 years only to be back in the fray in the lead up to the Rio 2016 Olympics.

An inspiring story Heath shares how he and doubles partner Dylan Alcott went, “through life together” and conquered the world on the tennis court.

With the inclusion movement in full force with events such the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Paraplegic Games being integrated, Heath shares how people like Dylan and Kurt Fearnley inspire generations of people with their determination, courage, and focus.

“The gap is ridiculous… the winner of the Australian Open this year for us, won less than the first round loser of able bodied main draw”

Hear the ways the the sporting world is helping close the gap between athletes as the profile of sporting stars like Heath grow.

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