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‘He’d have egg on his face’: Storm legend’s warning for Cameron Smith

The arousal levels in Queensland are stirring after Melbourne Storm coach Craig Bellamy all but green lit the representative resurrection of their Messiah, Cameron Smith.

“If Cameron wanted to play Origin again he would do so with my blessing and I imagine the club would be the same,” Bellamy said.

“For what he has done for our club and for the game in general, if that is what he wanted to do I wouldn’t stand in his way.”

Queensland’s origin stocks have been ravaged by injury and retirements and are, in short, depleted.

Greg Inglis, who skippered the side last year, has retired, and injuries to Daly Cherry-Evans and Jake Friend has left the Maroons lacking leaders.

Storm legend Robbie Kearns played with Cameron Smith under Craig Bellamy and says it’s definitely not a lack of form holding the skipper back.

“There’d be no better man to welcome back into the fold than Cameron Smith, he’s playing some exceptional football at the moment,” Kearns told David ‘Ox’ Schwarz and Matt Granland on Macquarie Sports Radio.

“But in saying that, they gave him a wonderful send off so there’s most probably going to be a little bit of egg on his face if he comes back after retiring from the Origin arena and says he’s going around again.”

Not that Queenslanders would care about that. With no Cronk, no Slater, no Thurston, no Inglis, and no Smith, you get the sense the banana benders would wear an entire chicken coops worth of eggs in the kisser if it meant Smith would pull on a Maroon jumper once more.

Kearns adds that on current form, the New South Welshman are playing much better footy than the Queenslanders, so a resurrection of the 392 game veteran might be what it takes to even the match-up.

“Cameron Smith is an out and out champion, if he wants to come back into the Origin arena, good luck to him.” he said.

In order to gain a permission slip to play State of Origin again, Drive co-host David ‘Ox’ Schwarz believes the future immortal has more to worry about than ending up with egg on his face.

“What does he say to his missus?” Ox asks.

“How does Smith go to his missus and say, ‘Darl, we’re going back to Origin…’

Kearns’ advice seems solid.

“I’d go in there with a motorbike helmet.” he said.

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