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‘He’s a disgrace to the sport’: The Ox can’t fathom Tomic the Tank Engine


Other than counting his millions, Bernard Tomic the Tank engine is famous for an obnoxious and unsportsmanlike behaviour:

Not trying.

Australians can’t stand it. We’re a nation of winners, but winners who understand that losing is part of winning. An admirable loss is even considered superior to a contemptible win.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but what’s most important is that you gave it a crack.

Tomic was sent packing in the opening round of the French Open in straight sets by American Taylor Fritz in just 82 minutes.

Fritz later described the match as “kind of weird”.

Tomic now faces the prospect of being sanctioned under the grand slam’s “best effort” rule and his petulant press conference makes for bewildering viewing if you have even an ounce of self-respect.

Former AFL star David ‘Ox’ Schwarz says it doesn’t understand how Tomic could behave like this on the world stage.

“I feel embarrassed for him, and embarrassed for the sport that they have somebody there who earned 70 grand to get that level and then pulls the pin and just doesn’t want to compete,

“I don’t get it, I don’t understand why someone would train, commit their life to a sport, and then get to the big stage – a grand slam – and then don’t try,

Tomic said he agreed with Nick Kyrgios when he said the French Open “sucks” and that clay is a terrible surface to play on, which Ox also struggles to fathom.

“Even though it’s not your favourite surface, I still don’t get that – I didn’t like playing footy in the wet, I like dry conditions but gee, the minute you cross the white line, don’t you try? Don’t you give it 100%?

“I don’t understand anything about Bernard Tomic, in fact, I think he’s a disgrace to the sport.

Filling in for Mark Allen, co-host Matt Granland wonders whether French Open officials could ban Tomic from appearing at future tourmants.

“If I was the French Open I would say next year, you’re not coming back champ, even if you qualify but next year, you can have a spell champ.”

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