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‘He’s an embarrassment’: Levy’s disgust at Kyrgios conduct

Mark Levy & Andrew Gaze

Mark Levy says Australia shouldn’t be forced to accept Nick Kyrgios’ constant misbehaviour on the tennis court.

While Kyrgios is through to the third round of the Miami Open in singles, he made headlines again after blowing up at an umpire following a doubles loss on the weekend.

Levy said he’s had enough talking about him.

“We shouldn’t accept it,” he told Macquarie Sports Radio.

“The problem is no one is willing to discipline this bloke and tell him to pull his head in.

“The bloke is a moron, I’m sick and tired of wasting my breath on Nick Kyrgios is a temper.

“He’s an embarrassment to this country.”

But Andrew Gaze defended the 23-year-old explosive Australian, telling Macquarie Sports Radio he isn’t prepared to give up on Kyrgios just yet.

“I don’t know we’re at a stage where we cam abandon him,” he said.

“You see the talent this guy has and it’s special. He’s been given a gift and he’s had to work hard for what he’s got.

“There’s got to be a way we can get through to this young man. I’m still glass half full with him.”

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Mark Levy & Andrew Gaze