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‘He’s been our security blanket’: Gus Gould a big loss says Isaah Yeo


It’s been an eventful week for the boys at the base of the Blue Mountains.

Starting with the shock departure of Panthers Supremo Gus Gould whose presence and influence loomed large over the club for most of the last decade.

Panthers back rower Isaah Yeo said Gus’ redundancy caught him by surprise.

“He obviously hasn’t been around the club as much since Ivan got there but I still tho gut he would have his say, he was doing a lot of the contracts and that sort of stuff,” Yeo tells David Morrow and Mat Thompson on Macquarie Sports Radio.

“I guess it’s a fair wrap Ivan as he’ll have control of all of that, and Gus thought that the club was in the right hands moving forward,

“Still, it’ll be weird not having him around the club, he’s been such a security blanket for all the players and staff, he’s a massive loss to this club .”

Destabilization can often attract more destabilization and round two hit the Panthers in the form of a Buzz Rothfield story which claimed key playmaker James Maloney was unhappy at the club.

Maloney hosed down the story on twitter and said any suggestion that he is unhappy at Penrith is “complete bulls**t”.

Yeo said the headlines “weren’t ideal” and backs up Maloney’s dismissal of the claims.

“How he is around the club, you would never think that,

“He’s extremely happy with the club as far as I know, he’s persona hasn’t changed whatsoever, he’s still the larrikin amongst the group and he’s still the main talker so as much as James Tamou has got the captaincy, Jimmy does a lot of the talking because that’s what he’s best at.”

The Panthers have had a shocking start to the season with just two wins from seven starts, although their performance against the Rabbitohs was their best of the season despite being the losing side. Penrith travel to Wagga Wagga this weekend to take on the Canberra Raiders and Yeo says the team understands they need to start winning games.

“The competition is extremely tight at the moment, it’ll be nice to be secured in the top 8 and obviously we’re in that log jam at the moment,

“I think it’s a good thing that there’s so many of us on similar points becasuse you’re not four or five games away from the top 8, you’re only one or two

“That’s where we are at at the moment, we understand we need to start winning and winning soon,”

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