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“He’s been spoilt”: Former Wallabies captain criticises Cheika

Former Wallabies captain Andrew Slack has hit out at Michael Cheika after Australia was knocked out of the Rugby World Cup by England in the quarter finals.

Speaking to Macquarie Sports Radio, Slack said “It sounds to me as if he’s been spoilt.”

The Grand Slam winning captain was referring to Cheika’s statements when announcing he wouldn’t be seeking reappointment as Australian coach.

Cheika seemed to suggest that the introduction of Scott Johnson this year as a Director of Rugby to oversee him and the installation of a panel of selectors played it’s part in him not wanting to continue as coach.

“Scott’s a lovely bloke and I get on fine with him but I’m sort of not really into that type of thing,” Cheika said.

“I like to take that responsibility. I found also that it changed my normal routine around things.

“Not that my way’s definitely the right way, I’m definitely not saying that, always.

“But that’s just the way I like to operate.

“I’ve always prided myself on not compromising my own values and what I want to do. So I found that a little bit difficult at times, yeah.”

Slack believes that’s shifting the blame.

“From my perspective, and I think a lot of us outside don’t exactly know the machinations of the administrative connection with coaches but from where I stood and from what I heard from people inside he got pretty well whatever he wanted,” Slack said.

“This year changed a bit with the selectors.

“He wanted to take them on a pre season trip to America which would’ve cost [a lot of money].

“They ended up taking them to Noumea. Whether or not he’s dirty about that.

“It seems to me, that for the first four years as coach he got absolutely everything he wanted.

“So if he wants to blame somebody I’m not sure he should be throwing darts at Rugby Australia.

“I’m not sticking up for Rugby Australia. What I’ve thought… is they’ve given him too much.”

Cheika also laid bare his differences with Rugby Australia hierarchy.

“It is no secret I have no relationship with the CEO (Raelene Castle) and not much with the chairman (Cameron Clyne),” Cheika said.

Overall, Slack wasn’t impressed with the way Cheika handled things.

“I didn’t think it was a particularly graceful exit,” Slack said.

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