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Horton protest: Gaze doesn’t agree with Australian’s stance on world stage

Andrew Gaze

Olympic great Andrew Gaze says he would’ve taken a different approaching to Mack Horton’s stance against drug cheat Sun Yang.

The controversial Chinese swimmer won the 400m freestyle at the FINA World Championships in South Korea, with the Australian finishing in second place.

Horton refused to stand alongside Sun on the podium post-race, contusing his long-running battle against his bitter rival as he fights for clean sport.

Gaze told Macquarie Sports Radio he admired Horton’s position but would have opted to stand alongside Sun Yang on the dais.

“I find this a real tough one,” he said.

“As a general view and opinion, there’s a time and place and if I were in his position, I would’ve got up on the dais.

“I would’ve got up there and said things have to run the course and I don’t want to spoil the moment for me.

“Yes I’d like to be on the top dais but I’m not going to make the mechanism for me to make this protest.

“I don’t disrespect him and actually admire him for the position he took and the form of protest he put in place.

“I respect it but it’s not something I would’ve done myself.”

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Andrew Gaze