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How Ox almost lost ‘both plumbs and the snorkel’

When news emerged that Dragons forward Tyson Frizell had suffered a lacerated testicle, every man in Australia winced in sympathy.

Including David ‘Ox’ Schwarz, who is haunted by the memory of what shall be known as the Indonesian Incident.

“I was in a pool in Bali,” Ox recalls.

“I was in the spa and I was skinny dipping, it was around lunch time, and one of the maids walked past,”

Unsurprisingly, the housekeeper was unaware The Ox had decided to ditch the togs in favour of the Birthday Suit. With the maid closing in on the hot tub and with no time left to cover the goods, Ox’s rapid logic proved to be a little nutty.

“That’s why I pushed up against the edge of the pool so that no-one could see anything,” he explains.

“Unbeknownst to me, where they suck the water in, the grate had been broken and the whole lot got stuck in the intake,

“Both plumbs and the snorkel,”

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