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Hussey unsure why the MCG can’t get drop-in wickets right

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Mike Hussey has questioned why the MCG can’t get drop-in wickets right.

The pitch in this year’s Boxing Day Test came under fire after a lifeless opening day’s play, in which only two wickets were taken and 215 runs scored.

It follows last year’s bore draw which was dominated by batsmen.

Other grounds around the country have been able to produce competitive drop-in wickets, which prompted Hussey to contemplate what makes the MCG different.

“The Adelaide Oval pitch played brilliantly. It had a bit in it for everyone,” Hussey told Macquarie Sports Radio.

“The Perth Stadium certainly had plenty of life in it.

“The MCG is just the one that they’ve not been able to quite get right.

“I’d like to know how old this block is. All pitches need to be regenerated over time and maybe that’s something they can look at.”

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Photo: Julian Smith / AAP

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