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‘I don’t buy that’: The Ox rejects John Worsfold’s creative accounting


Melbourne Demons legend David ‘Ox’ Schwarz says he isn’t buying Bombers’ coach John Worsfold’s claim that this season should be considered only his second year in charge at the club, despite joining Essendon in 2016.

Worsfold was responding to comments from club legend Matthew Lloyd who said Worsfold’s position is under pressure as the Bombers are underperforming for a second straight season.

The Bombers senior coach argued that 2019 should actually be considered his second season at the helm rather than his fourth.

“How long does a coach need for a group to play their best footy? Really, last year was my first year, it’s pretty hard to count 2016 and 2017, we had a totally different focus on reintegrating players back into the game.” Worsfold said at a media conference on Tuesday.

“So last year was our first crack at it.”

The Ox concedes Worsfold should be given some slack considering he inherited a team in the midst of mass suspensions following the Bombers supplements but rejects his claims that it’s only his sophomore year at Windy Hill.

“I don’t buy that,” Ox said.

“I kind of buy that he should be given a little bit of grace, definitely the first year, but in the second year the players are back, and they made finals that year.

“This is his third year in my eyes.”

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