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“I don’t like how they are interpreting the rules”: Anthony Griffin questions referees after another controversial weekend

After another weekend marred by on-field controversy, the NRL’s rules have again come under extreme review.

But for former NRL Head Coach Anthony Griffin, the problem doesn’t lie within the rules. It lies within the men enforcing these rules.

Speaking with James Willis on Halftime, Griffin said the decision to sin bin Manly’s Jake Trbojevic in their 34-26 loss to the South Sydney Rabbitohs is more of a reflection on the current state of refereeing, not the rules in place.

“As a Rugby League Coach and purist, I don’t like the way they are interpreting the rules but they are being consistent”, Griffin told Macquarie Sports Radio.

“Although I don’t like it, they’re the rules at the moment. He grabbed Dane Gagai by the jersey, and by the way they are officiating at the moment, that is a try scoring offence”

“I don’t like it but it’s been like this all year. The amount of penalty tries and sin bins we’ve seen for people supposedly in try scoring positions, it’s been confusing and that’s why it is such a fierce debate.”

After both Cody Walker and Cameron Smith were sin binned for slapping over the weekend, Griffin believes the NRL needs to have a look at the rule before it gets out of control.

“I think at the end of the year we need to really have a common sense debate on where we want our game to go and what we want it to look like”, Griffin said.

“You have got a couple of guys having a wrestle and one guy slapping the other guy, and then one guy going to the bin.”

“Again they’ve been consistent with that but I don’t think we need to get that pedantic of a game and send people to the sin bin for such trivial things”

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