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‘I don’t want to play’: Kyrgios blows up on explosive day at key Wimbledon lead-up event

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Australian firebrand Nick Kyrgios is in hot water again.

The 24-year-old played back-to-back matches at the Queen’s Club event in London but made headlines for all the wrong reasons after blowing up at a chair umpire, hitting a ball out of the small stadium court and copping multiple code violations.

Incensed by one particular line call, Kyrgios turned to chair umpire Fergus Murphy and unloaded with an emotional spray.

“Bro, you are taking the f***ing piss mate. The ball was this far out, no joke. What are you doing? It’s so far long. Like, what are you actually doing up there? Bro, it’s taking the piss. I refuse to play. Your hat looks ridiculous, also. It’s not even sunny,” Kyrgios protested.

And he didn’t stop there, doubling down during a post-match interview after going down to Canadian teenager Félix Auger-Aliassime in three sets.

“They (officials) know I’m never going to be the type of guy that’s going to get a bad call and not let them hear about it,” he said post-match.

“I just don’t think they get punished enough, like sanctioned enough if they make a bad decision.

“If you’re sitting in the chair and not calling it, you’re not doing your job correctly.

“I thought some of the calls were outrageous today.

“It shouldn’t have to come down to me and Felix giving each other points. He gave me a point at a pretty crucial time, and I gave him a point at a pretty crucial time.”

But Kyrgios admitted to himself in-game his preparation for the Wimbledon lead-up event was less than ideal.

“Shouldn’t have had that burger and fries last night,” he could be heard saying to himself.

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