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“I haven’t been in a great place” – Darren Lehmann

With Australia back playing Test Cricket for the first time since the now infamous ‘Sandpaper Gate’, the focus is as much on those playing as those who aren’t

Candice Warner spoke over the weekend about the bad days her husband former Australian Vice Captain David has since being suspended for his involvement in the ball tampering scandal.

Darren Lehmann, who was coach at at the time of the ball tampering scandal spoke to the Macquarie Sports Breakfast show saying he thinks it’s time for the 3 banned players to return to cricket believing it’s a much a mental health issue as anything else. “For me personally I worry about them every day and the way Steven, David and Cameron have held their heads high and fronted everyone and done everything right, they need to be playing some cricket for their own mental health. It’s been a struggle for them. We’ve all made mistakes, there’s no problem with that and it’s time for them to get back on the cricket field for us I feel.”

Lehmann went on to speak about his own mental health struggles since the fallout from one of the darkest days in Australian cricket history, “I haven’t been in a great place either. I would say after that incident, probably for the next two or three months, i think everyone struggles to be perfectly honest. I’m starting to feel a lot more normal now and enjoying watching the game of cricket. But it was tough mate, it was tough for everyone”

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