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‘I love the fact you have to back your list in’ – Jimmy Bartel has his reservations about mid season trading

Jimmy Bartel and Matt Thompson had a healthy discussion about the potential of mid-season trading in the AFL, which looks set to come in next season. Jimmy wasn’t convinced it was a good idea sighting travel issues as the main thing.

He believes that it was probably unfair to the interstate sides across the competition.

“I have a few questions on this before I support a mid season trade period. I think it favours the Victorian teams, because mid season you have got 10 teams in Victoria, the likelihood of uprooting your family and your lifestyle it makes it very difficult to go interstate.”

Bartel says that it would poor list management and take away from building your list from scratch through the draft. He also made the point that we may not be seeing the quality style of football we are seeing if this trade period is introduced.

“It also encourages poor list balance, it does away with that speculative pick on your rookie list, like a potential ruckman. It seems like this would be for two positions, a ruckman and a key position player. It is almost a position specific trade period.”

“I love the fact that you have to back your list in and use that nous and initiative as to how to adapt your players. Would we see the Tigers play this style of football if they didn’t have tall’s go down and some not come on. The Bulldogs have six mid sized forwards, would we have this style of football if it wasn’t for clubs backing their list in.”

Jimmy went on to say that the biggest issue in football at the moment is that players and player managers have too much power when it comes to moving clubs, he believes this could give them more power.

“The biggest grip in football at the moment is that players and managers have too much power at the moment, won’t this increase player power? They could say, trade me now, or I am gone mid seaoson.”

Matt wasn’t so sure, saying that “it would give the clubs more power to deal.”


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